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VoIP Domains From Steven Ivestor

Steven Ivestor reached out to me recently about some VoIP domains he has for sale. You remember Steve - the CEO of VoIP Inc.? FierceVoIP covered the company's demise last year. For those interested, here is the list. The ones...

VoIP Inc. May Sue You Soon

So yesterday I wrote an entry titled Intellectual Property, The Other Defition of IP and later I wished I had the opportunity to shorten the title to Intellectual Property, The other IP. You know, a play on "Pork, the other...

Shawn Lewis Leaves VoIP Inc.

Shawn Lewis has left VoIP Inc. Shawn is one of the better known figures in the IP communications space and was one of the Top 100 Voices of IP communications in 2006 as determined by Internet Telephony Magazine. He is...

Google Click-to-Call

After many months of testing Google has finally added click to call functionality to Google Maps.   Although this really isn't a new announcement the addition to Google Maps is pretty exciting as it continues VoIP's growth into new areas...
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