Loco SuperComm and Comptel

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Loco SuperComm and Comptel

Vacation was very good but good reasonably priced food was difficult to find. I went to Maui for my vacation and discovered that restaurant prices have gone through the roof. Our  favorite places to have dinner now offer $15-20 appetizers with most entrees exceeding $40. This caused us to re-evaluate our dinner plans and seek out venues where the locals ate. Lunch was never a problem because when in Hawaii we take advantage of the fresh fish and eat various Poke dishes. Poke is usually made with raw seafood and varieties include Ahi (Tuna), Tako (octopus), salmon, sea snails and sea clams. We usually have it with a bit of seaweed either green or the reddish brown variety. It's cheap and we can get quite a few varieties at the local grocery stores (Foodland, Star Markets and Safeway). However, dinner proved to be a bit of an adventure. I suggest never going into a Mexican restaurant called Fred's. They were crowded but the food was horrible. Our next try was more successful, a local Irish Pub called the Dog and Duck. We survived quite well splitting our time between the Dog and Duck, Maui Thai, and Cheeseburger Wailea. None of these restaurants serve anything out of the ordinary but on our last day I did try a new dish, Loco Moco. Loco Moco has been a Hawaiian staple since 1949.  It consists of is white rice on the bottom of a plate, topped with a grilled hamburger patty, these two items are covered with a rich diner style brown gravy and then two sunny side up eggs. It is my recipe of the week. It is very filling so I suggest you plan on having a busy day if you start with Loco Moco.


It seems that broadband and more broadband was the primary subject of Supercomm. The show saw a major reduction in the number of exhibitors but between broadband technology announcements and the FCC's newly stated position on Net Neutrality, the show was far from boring. Comptel also took place while I was on vacation. It was bit more interesting for Broadvox as we did have a booth there.

I am getting back into the swing of things and will have more comments on the state thing on Wednesday. Right now I need to tackle a lot of work that has been piling up. See you then.

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