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Longview IoT Boosts Energy and Wireless Efficiency

Some of the biggest challenges slowing down the adoption of IoT are security, efficient battery usage and optimized wireless communications.One company has...

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Hallmark's Simple, Inexpensive Way to Boost Customer Satisfaction

In an effort to boost margins, companies often push more users to automated solutions such as FAQs, chatbots, voice bots and anything...

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Huawei Places the World's First 5G VoNR Video Call

Huawei recently completed the world's first voice over NR (VoNR) call. The voice and video call service was made using two Huawei...

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IGEL Advances Future of Work

IGEL is a provider of a next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The company’s software products include IGEL OS, IGEL UD Pocket (UDP) and Universal...

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Tata Communications and Cisco Collaborate on SD-WAN

Tata Communications and Cisco have extended their partnership to enable enterprises to transform their legacy network to a customized and secure multi-cloud...

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How to Win the 50-Year-Old China Trade War

Today and this week in-fact is historic - the left and right in the U.S. agree that we have a major trade...

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Extreme Elements Enables The Autonomous Enterprise

Extreme Networks just announced Extreme Elements which in-turn enables the autonomous network and subsequently the autonomous enterprise. In a dynamic webinar, Dan...

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Is It Time to Revive a Few Good Classics?

October 13, 2014

Not long ago, I spotted plans from Sierra to put a bit of a new spin on an old classic. Specifically, there were plans afoot to revive the Gabriel Knight series by making a 20th anniversary special remake of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. Beyond that, however, there was also a new Gabriel Knight story set to arrive in PDF form, free for the downloading, and that got me wondering. What about some of the other games out there that haven't been heard from of late?

New Reports Emerge On The Oculus Rift's Commercial Release Date

October 9, 2014

It's a question that's been fresh in plenty of users' minds pretty much since they even heard about an Oculus Rift in the first place: when exactly is this thing coming out? A new report presents something like bad news for those who feel the waiting too sharply already, yet at the same time, a note of good news as well. Specifically, it's going to be a while before the Oculus Rift hits commercially, but there's a good reason for the extra wait.

Basically, the Oculus Rift's makers out at Oculus VR / Facebook are specifically working to make the device better-suited to the long haul, likely knowing that once wearers get the thing on it's going to take an act of Congress, God, or sheer hunger to get the thing back off again. Reports from Bloomberg suggest that the company is “really close” to a release, but that it's still going to be a few months as the product is ultimately refined and made as comfortable as possible.

It's not just a matter of comfort, though; the company is reportedly eager to make sure the product is also easy to use, right out of the box.

Are the Arcades Dead? Bandai Namco's "Star Wars: Battle Pod" Says No.

October 8, 2014

It would have been a safe bet, even just a couple weeks ago, to say that the arcade that we know it is dead, consigned to the ash heap of history by a combination of powerful consoles, improved PCs and increasingly accessible high-speed Internet. But there seem to be some elements of arcade gaming out there, and they're showing up in increasingly strange places. One development that proves the arcade isn't quite so dead as expected was a new release from Bandai Namco, specifically, a new Star Wars-themed arcade machine called “Star Wars: Battle Pod.”

“Star Wars: Battle Pod” got an official unveiling just ahead of the New York Comic-Con, which really wasn't a surprise given that most attendees of the New York Comic-Con are likely gamers on at least some level as well. But “Star Wars: Battle Pod” is a little something different and a lot something exciting.

Is ArcheAge's Call to Restrict Chat the Right Move?

October 7, 2014

Recently I spotted a new development out at Trion that left me thinking. The comparatively new RPG the studio released, "ArcheAge," made the call to restrict chat functions to higher-level characters only. While the decision only affects characters under level 15, the idea has both some rational purpose behind it and some deeply concerning effects in play as well.

When "ArcheAge" players reach level 15, under the new system, they'll have access to faction chat functions, trade, shout systems, need party, and complete nation chat mechanisms. The recent changes that brought the shift in chat functions also brought healer weapons for quest rewards, improvements to warehouse size, and a tougher Kraken fight.

No Marketing? No Problem. "State of Decay" Clears Two Million Games Sold

October 6, 2014

It's almost staggeringly counter-intuitive, the idea that a game—or anything else for that matter—could sell, and sell extremely well, without the benefit of formal marketing methods behind it. Whether extensive social media work or expensive advertising work or anything like that, most products all but require marketing to sell even passably well. The idea of “if you build it, they will come” hasn't really worked since Kevin Costner gave it a shot, but in a way, it's working out—and pretty well—for “State of Decay”, the game that's sold over two million copies so far despite nothing significant in the way of formal marketing efforts.

So what did it? What drove “State of Decay” to staggering heights of sales despite precious little ad spend or anything like that?

Gamers Making Money With Games: The New Business Model?

October 2, 2014

Have you ever played a role-playing game, like “Skyrim” for example, and wished it were that easy to make money in real time? If you've ever wished that you could fight a couple dozen goblins with a sword and make enough for groceries for the week, well, you're not alone. But Roblox's CEO, David Baszucki, thinks that maybe it should be this easy to make money, and is working to get that kind of business model into play.

Roblox is one game you may not have heard of, but plenty of players have. It's been running a little under 10 years now, since 2006, and it's not so much a game as it is a platform for making games.

How GameLock is Shaking Up the Used Game Market

October 1, 2014

Used games are a wonderful thing; they give budget-minded gamers a chance to enjoy the good stuff at a substantially reduced cost, though sometimes it can take a bit of patience to get hands on just that right title as it might take a few months for a used title to hit the shelves. For the longest time, the used game market—particularly in the brick-and-mortar sense—was simple enough; sell a game to a store (often at a laughably low price) and said store would then slap a fresh price tag on said game that represented a major markdown off full brand-new retail. But GameLock, a new startup, is looking to change the way that that business is run, and it's posing a change that should disturb bigger names like GameStop and beyond.

The big thing to remember about GameLock, however, is that it's not for everyone. It is, however, for those who go through a lot of used games.

Why The Reports Of Oculus Rift's Failure Are Likely Premature

September 30, 2014

The rise of the Oculus Rift is proving to be a major move indeed, as everyone looks forward to a future—hopefully a closer-term future than is currently believed—in which “Skyrim” and the like now feel so immersive that you might actually believe you're building Lakeview Manor with your own two hands instead of just tapping buttons. A future where you might smell the venison stew cooking and can enjoy the honey nut treats instead of just looking at them. A future that looks that much more like “Star Trek” than it ever has before. But some are already calling for the demise of such a system before it can even be put into play, and I can't help but think that that's a little premature.

The idea was advanced that, despite an array of reasons to suggest that wearable virtual reality (VR) would likely win, it would instead fail.

Mobile Games Prove Challenging For Facebook

September 29, 2014

The rise of Facebook as a social media system and the rise of mobile gaming were two phenomena that fired up largely alongside each other in terms of time. But the two phenomena really didn't interact for quite some time, and when these two did come together, it made for an interesting problem for Facebook. To solve that problem, Facebook has had to do some reconsidering about the way it addressed issues of mobile development, and mobile developers alike.

With mobile-first gaming becoming increasingly prevalent online, and Facebook's move to being more of a mobile operation likewise coming into play, it becomes clear that Facebook too had to make some changes in a bid to get more involved with developers who were wanting to go mobile more often than standard Web-based. But Facebook originally had a problem with mobile games, and in a sense, still does; playing a game through Facebook on mobile devices is said to be impossible.

However, there are still means for Facebook to be relevant to mobile game developers, particularly as a marketing tool.

Titan's Death Leaves Questions About Blizzard's Plans

September 25, 2014

It was a dark day for massively multiplayer online (MMO) gamers out there when the news landed that Blizzard was poised to pull the plug on science fiction MMO title "Titan," a game that had been in the making for as long as seven years. But with the death of "Titan" leaves a pile of unanswered questions about Blizzard's short-term future. Just what will the company do now? There are plenty of possibilities, sure enough, but what's the route to go?

The idea that "Titan" is out of play represents a big problem; specifically, there's a whole lot of time and development effort--not to mention outright cash--that went into this project, and the loss of said project represents a pile of waste besides.

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