Hallmark’s Simple, Inexpensive Way to Boost Customer Satisfaction

In an effort to boost margins, companies often push more users to automated solutions such as FAQs, chatbots, voice bots and anything else to reduce the need to hire and train people. Customers have been getting used to less human, less personal service, for decades.

Perhaps since the ACD was created.

The LA Times reported the worsening of service as a byproduct of a tight labor market last year and Forbes reiterated the challenges the industry faces a few months back.

We came across a fantastic way to improve the quality of service – so much so that it is able to instantly turn customers and even prospects into devoted, raving fans.

Customers these days want companies that stand for something – they want to believe in the mission of the entity they give their money to. They are looking for more personal connections. 

It’s actually an interesting trend considering human relationships have become more shallow and disposable thanks to dating apps and socialRhonda Basler.PNG media.

Perhaps humans are looking for something to cling to. An entity they can depend on.

Many of Suburu’s TV ads focus more on feelings than the product. They get it. 

This level of intimacy with a customer now can be had by virtually any company.

To learn more we interviewed Rhonda Basler (pictured) – Director of Customer Engagement at Hallmark Business Connections as well as Allison Carroll – Content Strategist.

Back in 2016, Rhonda told TMC’s Customer Magazine the division she works for helps create “human moments” between companies and their customers. It does that by enabling organizations to connect to individuals by sending them prepackaged, but personalized, e-card greetings. Not only has Hallmark created mini apps to enable organizations, like one of the world’s largest banks, send those e-cards, but it also provides a system through which organizations can set budgets and approvals for such greetings, which Hallmark typically charges for per send.

In our conversation this week, we discussed how the company sends physical, mailed cards.

Rhonda explained, their award-winning service was designed to change the way customers feel about brands. 

hallmark thanksgiving.PNG

The easy-to-use Hallmark UI allows an agent to send a card electronically and have Hallmark fulfill it – they do this twice per day.

Cards can be sent for appreciation, apology, thanks, get well soon, or military appreciation.

In the utility market – often callers call to disconnect because of a death. Power companies use Hallmark’s service to send sympathy cards to callers. Digital handwriting tech makes the cards look like they were written by hand.

In addition to keeping customers happy and endearing them to the company, employees are happy about their job because of the positive customer response. This in-turn keeps employees in their positions and makes it easier to keep service levels high.

“We get excited when we create human moments in a corporate day,” Rhonda exclaimed.

High-volume users can opt for CRM integrations. Prices start at $2.50-$3 per card which is almost nothing compared to positive feelings customers get and the amazing social media amplification these gestures create.

See some of the positive social posts which resulted from Hallmark Business Connections.

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