Alcatel-Lucent Helps Lay Foundation for Relationships between Developers and Service Providers

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Alcatel-Lucent Helps Lay Foundation for Relationships between Developers and Service Providers

By Susan Campbell

As a service provider, it is likely that you understand the challenges you face in this new mobile society. Consumers want access to multimedia options anywhere and at any time. To meet these challenges, you need to align a new strategy with a new business model and embrace opportunities that allow you to deliver the solutions that customers want.

By partnering with Alcatel-Lucent, you can gain access to comprehensive solutions and partnerships as a result of the company’s Application Programming Interfaces (API) bundles, as well as an associated revenue sharing model that is designed to transform application development through the elimination of upfront costs for developers. These bundles also help to open up new revenue opportunities for all service providers.

Alcatel-Lucent has initiated a significant push within the industry to provide developers with the ability to use the network as their development platform in the same way they currently build applications for the Web and mobile devices. In taking this approach, Alcatel-Lucent helps to lay the foundation for relationships between developers and service providers in order to drive opportunity and profitability.

Through bundled APIs, Alcatel-Lucent delivers a unique offering that blends service provider and third party application capabilities as they support the creation of new applications. With these API bundles in place, a new revenue share model is enabled that can transform service provider networks into an application development platform that will unlock network resources and functionality. In simple terms, API bundles will do for service providers what smartphones and app stores did for devices.

Within the first vertical API bundles are three social bundles that are designed to support the creation of new mashups in social gaming, advertising and virtual goods markets – all of which are rapidly growing. The APIs included in this bundle are SMS, location, virtual goods, advertising, billing and credit card.

The API bundles initially delivered will target the 14+ million developers throughout the world, as well as the fastest growing and increasingly profitable applications market today – which include mobile advertising and virtual goods. Mobile advertising is expected to exceed $3 billion by 2013, and the virtual goods market today is between $4-6 billion globally.

The new revenue share model ensures developers can access the API bundles without significant upfront API fees that have traditionally kept some players from the field. Alcatel-Lucent is opening that field to ensure all players have a chance to compete, consumers get the multimedia services they want and innovation is constantly at the forefront.

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