Alcatel-Lucent to Host 100G Press Conference

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Alcatel-Lucent to Host 100G Press Conference

By Erin Monda

Alcatel-Lucent, a leader in the fixed, mobile, and converged broadband networking industry, will host a live Web conference on June 9 to announce its latest advances in optical transport technology. The company intends to help service providers overcome capacity challenges presented by bandwidth intense services and applications.

A company spokesperson provided me with this insight into the announcement:  "We believe that the data tsunami is really the issue of the decade. The solution we plan to present next week will help our customers overcome their bandwidth challenges today and pave the way to offer new solutions in the future."
Alcatel-Lucent considers higher-speed Ethernet to be critical in managing traffic demands. And it remains a pack leader when it comes to 100 Gigabit Ethernet capabilities. Last year, it was the first company in the industry to provide a serving router for the edge, where service providers need it most. How did it succeed in this development? The company leveraged the power and flexibility of innovative FP2 silicon to unleash powerful interfaces supporting the full scope and scale of broadband services such as IPTV, Internet access, IP and Ethernet VPNs, Internet peering, and LTE mobile broadband.
And this year, Alcatel-Lucent will continue its aggressive progression, officials say. The company recognizes increasing network bandwidth demands - and say that service providers need infrastructures of an appropriate scale that can be effective without expensive network upgrades.
The company announced it is making the first commercially available high-capacity coherent transmission solution, operating at both 40G and 100G. Utilizing second generation high speed coherent electro-optics technology, Alcatel-Lucent can offer new levels of capacity increases, lowering overall total cost of ownership.

Alcatel-Lucent's Web conference will be hosted by Alberto Valsecchi, vice president of marketing, and Sam Bucci, vice president of terrestrial optics, both with Alcatel-Lucent's optical line of business.
The Web conference will be held at 7:00 a.m. PST (10:00 a.m. EST and 4:00 p.m. CET, respectively.) Participants will be able to ask questions after the presentation via the audio bridge or Webcast interface tools.
Audio bridge users can dial in from North America at 866-578-5771, and 617-213-8055  internationally. The participant passcode is 47364386.

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