How Can Industrializing the Onboarding Process Enable Niche Applications?

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How Can Industrializing the Onboarding Process Enable Niche Applications?

By Susan J. Campbell

There is much value in a content provider's ability to build and launch new applications on their own network. As a result, network providers are working to ensure content providers, or ACPs, can achieve this goal. To do so, network providers are automating their developer and application onboarding processes to support demand for niche applications that in the past were not economical. 
In taking this approach, network providers are creating new revenue opportunities through the expansion of their role in the Web value chain. By evolving their application and content provider collaboration programs and placing greater emphasis on bringing third-party applications to their customers, network providers enhance their own value.

To accomplish this, network providers must industrialize their developer onboarding and application approval processes. In other words, they must evolve from one-off support of individual applications to standardized and efficient processes for enabling multiple applications.

As a result, network providers can more effectively support their own internal application development, while also harnessing the innovative potential of the broader mobile and Web developer community.

An industrialized onboarding process means the network provider is standardizing partner approval; reducing barriers to application submission; and joining other network providers and industry groups to leverage standards-based platforms to conduct application testing and achieve certification.

Niche applications are much more plausible with this approach as it allows for faster time-to-market, reduced cost, more nimble competitive responsiveness, better service delivery to meet customer needs and improved economics in support of such applications.

There are a large number of niche applications and industrializing is crucial to allow for the addressing of the various application needs of today's subscriber. It is also important to maintain a low cost enablement model and without industrialization, network providers can only support a fraction of the demand for applications, thereby limiting their ability to drive powerful revenue streams.

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