Service Providers Gain Edge with Multimedia Smartloading

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Service Providers Gain Edge with Multimedia Smartloading

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By Ed Silverstein

As a leader in fixed and mobile broadband,
Alcatel-Lucent can ensure users adopt an optimal approach for distributing media to consumers, focusing on business models that ensure the highest level of subscriber uptake.

In addition, Alcatel-Lucent has a clearly-articulated multimedia strategy. Alcatel-Lucent enables service providers to deliver a range of multimedia services — including live video, VoD and PVR content — to today’s connected devices, unlocking new revenue opportunities.

Service providers can leverage their unique network assets to establish profitable new business models with content providers and deliver personalized, multi-screen content to consumers.]=

The first step is to build an open, flexible and robust framework that supports rich multimedia content experiences — a high leverage network.

Until now, content providers have focused on providing online multimedia services over the top of the service provider’s network, cutting the service provider out of the value chain. The Alcatel-Lucent multimedia strategy enables service providers to change that game. Now, a service provider can leverage the capabilities of its network to create an open, flexible and robust foundation that supports rich multimedia content experiences. It can exploit these capabilities to encourage content providers to participate in new business models that allow the service provider to become an important player in the multimedia services value chain.

With that framework, Alcatel-Lucent offers multi-screen solutions that will enable users to get to market quicker with new multi-screen services.

The Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform offers dynamic caching, enabling user to intelligently distribute multimedia content.

The company is also applying the full weight and experience of its multimedia consulting and integration services to help transform multimedia business and operations. It has 1,200 video experts, 2,800 system integrators and over 10,000 service professionals in 130 countries.


Backed by Bell Labs research, world-class investments in dedicated laboratory environments, and centers of excellence, Alcatel-Lucent is a trusted advisor and integrator to multimedia customers across the globe, the company said. It works closely with service providers to devise cost-effective strategies for new services growth, video distribution, audience monetization, and enhanced video Quality of Experience across any screen.

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