Service Providers Challenged to Deliver Next Gen Services to Wide Range of Devices

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Service Providers Challenged to Deliver Next Gen Services to Wide Range of Devices

By Susan Campbell

One thing that is constant in the mobile services industry is the reality of fragmentation among devices. As there is no common operating system or theme among the variety of devices out there, application developers must be able to create solutions that appeal to consumers across multiple platforms. At the same time, service providers must be able to deliver these applications to a full range of subscriber devices.

These challenges can be difficult to overcome without a proven partner to help along the way. Alcatel-Lucent offers comprehensive solutions, expansive technical knowledge and a global perspective that can help the service provider to launch compelling and profitable multimedia services over a full range of platforms.

Alcatel-Lucent offers end-to-end multimedia solutions and extensive experience in multi-channel content delivery. With this experience and know-how, service providers can leverage current network and media assets to secure a strong position in the digital media value chain. This company can work with the service provider to ensure they can deliver compelling content that relies on new media business models to extend the service reach and maximize the service provider’s profitability.

To accomplish this, Alcatel-Lucent promotes a strategy that focuses on intelligent service delivery. The company’s Multimedia Strategy extends its Application Enablement vision to the media market. At the same time, the High Leverage Network architecture helps to anchor the strategy by providing an open and flexible framework for the delivery of rich multimedia experiences on a wide range of connected devices.

These offerings from Alcatel-Lucent enable the service provider to leverage current assets to overcome the challenges presented by the “splinternet.” With so many users accessing so many different devices and channels to receive content and applications, service providers need the right tools in place to deliver what consumers want, when they want it.

In working with Alcatel-Lucent, service providers gain access to multi-screen solutions such as the Multi-Screen Foundation and Multi-Screen Video that enable superior multimedia content and QoE to any screen; Mobile Smartloading to ease peak-time pressure on the mobile network; the Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform to apply dynamic content caching; and the Digital Media Store to enable the efficient and profitable sale of content across any network or connected device.

The challenges existing in the market today are not in the process of going away any time soon. Device fragmentation and the splinternet are expected to only intensify the competitive nature of the market and increase demands on service providers. Those who strengthen their position with proven partners will come out on top.

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