Alcatel-Lucent: Developing ICT Innovations for Global Change

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Alcatel-Lucent: Developing ICT Innovations for Global Change

By Susan Campbell

Companies driving economic and environmental change are those on the forefront of innovative technologies that provide the optimal platforms for improved efficiencies, smart grid technologies and logical applications of business processes and even transportation to eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions.

Alcatel-Lucent is helping to drive this change through the development of solutions for the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industries. A recent white paper entitled "Information and Communication Technologies: Enablers of a Low-carbon Economy," focuses on specific examples of ICT solutions that offer a low carbon effect. While some are exclusively from Alcatel-Lucent, others are a result of innovative partnerships focused on driving change.

Alcatel-Lucent is a long-term contributing partner to the GeSI Climate Change Work Group. As a result, the company relies on findings from the group’s landmark research to develop and promote ways to reduce carbon emissions across broad sectors of the economy.

One focus for Alcatel-Lucent is that of the smart grid. The company offers software and hardware tools that enable electricity generators to route power more efficiently to reduce peak capacity requirements and enable real-time, interactive information exchange with customers. Throughout the world, smart grid technologies are reducing carbon emissions.

In India, for example, such technologies could reduce electricity losses through transmission and distribution by as much as 30 percent with better grid monitoring and management. This is significant for this country as electricity generation currently accounts for 57 percent of India’s total emissions.

With its focus on global performance, Alcatel-Lucent delivers solutions the enable utility customers to benefit from smart meters and smart meter management, such as that offered in the United States. One of the largest U.S. publicly-owned electric power companies, the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is benefitting from such solutions, using power more efficiently and introducing flexible rates based on changing conditions.

In Canada, Alcatel-Lucent is providing AltaLink with the ability to offer its customers electric power when they need it, at the most economical price and the highest possible reliability. An agreement between Alcatel-Lucent and Vodafone is bringing innovation solutions to gas, electricity and water suppliers in Germany.

The company is also focused on improving transportation and distribution with smart logistics and transport optimization. Such solutions can improve logistic networks to make it easier to mix transportation modes and select the most energy-efficient type of transport. This approach can also optimize routes, reduce inventory needs and encourage more energy-efficient driving.

Alcatel-Lucent also founded the ngConnect Program, a cooperative effort among members of the digital value chain to develop solution concepts to leverage the next generation of network, device and software technologies to improve the overall experience for the end-user. Innovations include the LTE Connected Car and smart buildings.

As Alcatel-Lucent continues to strengthen its focus on ICT solutions that improve the economic and environmental health of the global market, all users – and the planet – will benefit. To learn more, check out the company’s Knowledge Center.


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