Experiencing TV Everywhere: Taking Television to the Internet and Beyond

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Experiencing TV Everywhere: Taking Television to the Internet and Beyond

By Susan Campbell

The idea of experiencing television at any time and on any device is not only appealing for a number of TV viewers in the consumer market, it is also an exciting innovation for Time Warner and Comcast. The two US-based cable TV operators are working together to make TV Everywhere (TVE) a reality. When this platform comes to fruition, existing TV subscribers will be able to watch their television content online and on-demand, with no fees added to their current bill.

A recent Alcatel-Lucent article, "TV Everywhere: Taking Television to the Internet", explores the potential of TVE, stressing that while this initiative is still in its early stages, it definitely has the potential to change television from what know it is today. Similar initiatives have already been launched in Europe to warm responses, indicating the impact could very easily be global.

For Alcatel-Lucent, a leader in the IPTV/triple play infrastructure solutions space, this potential is exciting. The company has extensive experience assisting operators as they transform their networks for video, unlocking new revenue opportunities using multi-screen content and applications. A most recent launch by the company included a multimedia solution strategy to enable the augmentation of networks through flexible, open and robust foundations for rich content delivery in a multi-screen context.

The value that Alcatel-Lucent brings to this space is evident in its Multimedia Strategy, which is comprised of the High Leverage Network as the foundation for the cost efficient delivery of rich media; the Multi-screen Foundation that provides a set of common capabilities for multi-screen applications; and Multi-screen Application Platforms that enable the multi-screen services as promised. Additionally, the company delivers an End-to-End 4G LTE Solution so that network operators and service providers can capitalize on this opportunity.

With so many opportunities already in place for the service provider, why consider the potential of TVE? As consumers and business users throughout the market place are demanding Wireless All Around, service providers have to be able to deliver everything users want in this wireless environment – including TV. This platform offers substantial revenue opportunities for TV distributors and service providers. By making television content available online at no additional cost, TV subscribers are incentivized to remain loyal and service providers deliver a value-added experience.

There is still much work to be done in this space and Alcatel-Lucent is playing a vital role in enabling the service provider network to add triple play service bundles in a multi-screen strategy that is likely to expand to mobile devices. As a result, the revenue and profit potential is substantial and those who embrace the opportunity at the onset are sure to dominate overall.


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