Alcatel-Lucent States Position on Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability

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Alcatel-Lucent States Position on Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability

By: Susan J. Campbell

Increasingly, corporations around the world have recognized that they have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth’s resources and to act in an ethical manner that promotes eco-sustainability. Alcatel-Lucent considers corporate responsibility to be an important business imperative, and also believes that doing well and doing good can and should be mutually inclusive.

A recent Alcatel-Lucent 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report explores the company’s commitment to playing a key role in being a good steward. Alcatel-Lucent intends to continue its focus on not only making the communications solutions it produces eco-friendly, but doing so in a manner that also ensures they are accessible and affordable so that the full potential of a connected world can be realized.

A bold new direction in sustainability was initiated in 2011 with a focus on three core priorities:

  • Green innovation
  • Digital inclusion
  • People
Alcatel-Lucent’s commitment to its responsibilities have been put at the core of the company’s daily business through the adoption of a zero tolerance policy when compliance violations occur. Today, Alcatel-Lucent will only partner with those who support the company’s values and who respect their role as engaging citizens in a global community.

To demonstrate its dedication to sustainability, Alcatel-Lucent published approximately 50 new targets, aligning with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the United Nations Global Compact. This move exemplifies its ambition to make corporate responsibility a pervasive part of the corporate culture.  

In looking ahead to 2012 and beyond, Alcatel-Lucent put forth the objective of setting a higher standard for corporate responsibility and sustainability. In doing so, the company took the step to ensure their strategy was positioned in line with the DJSI, while also integrating it with the UN Global Compact advanced-level principles. This includes the performance of the A+ GRI application level check, and the incorporation of the French Grenelle 2 requirements prior to the legal implementation.

Alcatel-Lucent prides itself on being a global leader in sustainability and performed its first materiality assessment to ensure the corporate and corporate responsibility strategies were focused clearly on those elements that most impact the business. And, to show this was much more than about them, the company reached out to partners, businesses, customers, members of civil society, NGOs and public stakeholders, in an effort to focus all of its stakeholders on the critical task of making communications more affordable, accessible in the context of sustainability.  

As the video links highlight, this all starts at the top where CEO Ben Verwaayen has made being not just a good but a great corporate citizen a top priority. In fact, his passion for the subject has made Alcatel-Lucent one of the thought leaders on instituting best practices regarding responsibility and sustainability.  The company is rightfully proud of its achievement so far, and is glad to spread the message that being a good steward is also good business.
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