Customer Self-Care is Win-Win for CSPs and Users

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Customer Self-Care is Win-Win for CSPs and Users

By: Mae Kowalke, TMC Contributor

Self-service to one degree or another has been present since the rise of the web. However, customers are increasingly choosing self-service because they feel more empowered and it is often perceived to be an easier interaction than dealing with a live person. The rise of the smartphone also has increased the use of self-service.

In fact, as explained by Jessica Verbruggen, Integrated Marketing Assistant at Alcatel-Lucent Motive, in a recent TechZine article, Empowering Autonomous Customer Self-Care, self-service can be a win-win for customers and communications service providers (CSPs).

The voice of the customer supports self-service

Verbruggen, citing a recent consumer survey by Nuance Enterprise to illustrate here point.  The survey found: 

  • 72 percent of smartphone users said they have a more positive view of a company if they have a mobile customer self-care app.
  • 81 percent will tell others about a positive app experience


Plus, in terms of what motivates them to use a mobile app:

  • 35 percent said that effortless transition to a live agent from a mobile app is the feature most likely to drive usage
  •  48 percent said they would prefer greater functionality

Benefits to CSPs

As noted, CSPs are finding self-service to be very beneficial.  Experience has already proven that customer self-care reduces the cost of interaction with customers, allows them to collect more customer information and helps them deliver a more personalized experience.

“This, in turn, drives higher customer retention, increases revenues, and positions their brand as being a provider of a comprehensive and personalized customer experience,” Verbruggen noted.

One problem that many CSPs have, however, is easily delivering all the functionality that consumers expect and appreciate. That’s why products such as Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive’s Self-Service Console, part of the company’s Motive customer experience solution, are so well-received.

The Motive Self-Service Console empowers customers to pay their bills, access their accounts and schedule maintenance without having to involve a live agent. A large European operator that uses the tool has reported that 88 percent of customers that used the Motive troubleshooting application were able to avoid a call to the help desk entirely.

That’s huge. And it demonstrates strongly why CSPs are increasingly attracted to customer self-care.

“CSPs are able to cut costs, get a better view of their customers, and provide more personalized service,” explained Verbruggen. “That’s a win-win if I’ve ever seen one.”

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