Motive Big Data Analytics (BNA) Helps Operators Leverage Network Data for Service Creation

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Motive Big Data Analytics (BNA) Helps Operators Leverage Network Data for Service Creation

By: Mae Kowalke, TMCnet Contributor

Service providers are seeing an increasing number of applications moving outside of their control. At the same time, they are facing stiff competition within their geographical markets. Developing new revenue streams has become a top priority.  As a result, many service providers have invested in business intelligence systems to help them figure out these new offerings and how to win and keep customers.

Interestingly, despite this need and a sense of urgency most service providers are ignoring their greatest asset: Their network. The network provides more visibility into subscriber usage and trends than Google, Yahoo and Facebook combined, according to a recent Alcatel-Lucent Motive posting on the value of big networks analytics (BNA).  They believe it is time for this visibility to be unlocked and put to work.

Alcatel-Lucent offers a way to leverage network data for new service creation through its Motive Big Network Analytics offering.

The Alcatel-Lucent Motive BNA for service creation provides a suite of analytics-enabled solutions focused on deriving immediate value from the network data while positioning service providers within a big data infrastructure. The objective is to unlock greater network data intelligence for operations, engineering, planning, customer care, customer experience and marketing organizations.

The Motive BNA solution offers more than 7000 off-the-shelf network analytics reports as part of its analytics package. It consists of the:

  • Motive Wireless Network Guardian (WNG)
  • Motive Security Guardian (SG)
  • Motive Big Network Analytics (BNA) product itself.

In terms of functionality provided, the WNG taps into a network-based data source in a non-intrusive, real-time and vendor agnostic manner and currently supports multiple mobile technologies (2G, 3G, and LTE). The SG leverages analytics to examine communication patterns and detect malware operating on subscriber mobile devices.

All of this combines m.IQ6 network data, circuit-switched (CS) voice and SMS data sources, as well as IT/OSS/BSS data such as subscriber data plans, profile, and billing information, and offers it up in a big data-enabled analytics architecture. The big network analytics solution architecture then uses analytics output as the foundation for wider solutions by exposing this intelligence to external systems.

The result enables service providers to see what fuels traffic growth, and determine whether the largest contributor to growth is new subscribers, existing subscribers using more data. It helps show the relationship between new and popular applications rolled out a service provider, additional roamer traffic, and recent device promotion, helping to clearly understand the consumer and what is working.

Business intelligence solutions play their role, but service providers shouldn’t forget their best asset for obtaining valuable business intelligence is their network. After all it is the source of data that can be brought to bear on customer retention and growth.

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