PR Folks... Listen Up!

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PR Folks... Listen Up!

I don't know who added my email address to some list and distributed it to every PR firm in America, but please stop sending me your press releases. Lois from HWH PR; Tim from Inkhouse PR; Brittany at SSPR; Shannon from Springboard PR just to name a few.

I write 4 blogs. I get more than enough email as it is without getting "story ideas" from a PR person. None of you have read my blog (which means this post will be a useless rant unless they have alerts on for their own firm). You don't even know what I write about but you send me your press releases. Believe me, I can find my own stories. I'd say thanks for reading, but you don't.

Just so you know, it isn't just me either. Very few writers or bloggers (like Andy at VoIP Watch) need press releases. We have Googe Alerts. And PR news wires. But if you want to catch our attention, send me an email saying that the CEO or CTO wants to do a podcast with me -- or wants to an interview (even by email).

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