Dear PR People and Constant Contact

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Dear PR People and Constant Contact

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Dear PR People and Constant Contact, WTH???

First, Constant Contact. Gail Goodman, for goodness sake, please move to an opt-in approach to your service. After being added to anyone's list, the adressee should immediately get an email that asks if they want to be on it. Period. Otherwise, you just support spam and waste a lot of my time.

Why Constant Contact? Because twice today and at least five times this month, when I am added to a list, I get to see the CC logo and this:


It gets tiring to have to keep deleting this stuff. I asked CC about it and I can get a universal unsubscribe, where no one using CC can send me email, but what about the legitimate email lists?

It's 2010 and spam is still a huge problem.

Why is a press release emailed to me spam? Because I did not ask for it. Because who needs a press release emailed to them? We have tools for that: RSS, Google Alerts, newswires.

And because the people who put me on these lists do so indiscriminately.

I don't write press release stuff. Have you read my blog? I write about neat stuff happening or things that affect the Channel or the fact that telecom is broken. Apparently, PR is even more broken than telecom. And so is Constant Contact. MOve to an Opt-in approach. Seth Godin wrote Permission Marketing in 1999.

Here's a couple examples of the emails.

"Here's an announcement on a newly released location-based journal and social networking application called [software name to never be mentioned here] that I thought would be of interest. Just out on iTunes last week, it has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times and is being used in more than 50 countries."

"XXXXX Networks Hires Industry Veteran [Who Cares] as Chief Marketing Officer"


In the case of the hiring press: that's for SEO. You just need it on the newswire to fill your SERP's. It should be keyword optimized, short and sweet. If you wanted a blogger to write about it, don't send the release, send a note saying, "Hey, Hu just got hired and wants to talk to a couple of bloggers.

And the best is when the company rep keeps pinging me about where the blog post is about their company. Oh, don't worry, it's coming!

BTW, it's not just me. Have you heard of Bad Pitch Blog?

It's time consuming to keep opting out of these lists and deleting. I get over a thousand messages per day -- I don't need more.

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