CLEC Therapy III

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CLEC Therapy III

I'm in Orlando today speaking all morning, starting with CLEC Therapy III. I have moderated three other CLEC sessions that discussed such things as collocation, gear, and technical details. Today, we will be pulling 2 ISP's out of the audience to give them a makeover. In other words, we will sketch what they do versus what they should do.
  • Why become a CLEC?
  • What is the process to become a CLEC?
  • What are you going to offer?
  • Who will you target?
  • Is there enough margin?
  • DIY or Outsource?
  • Other streams of Income
  • How will you Market it?
After that 2 hours, I will be moderating a panel of ITSP's on How to Sell VoIP. We will examine the sales process to sell VoIP to a small business with 15 handsets. It's one thing to take the step to offer VoIP services to your marketplace; it's another thing to actually know how to sell it. And it won't sell itself. If it did Vonage and SunRocket is all I'm saying - and I wouldn't be seeing MagicJack infomercials all over the television.

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