Strategy Matters

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Strategy Matters


"When everyone is playing the same game, your execution is critical." - Seth Godin

"the way you go to market, the structure of your offering, the model of your business--these are sufficient to cause you to lose, regardless of how you play the game."

It's like he was talking about telecom, the ultimate me-too industry. It is even me-too in service delivery - which means it largely sucks.

On reason telecom is stuck is due to the personnel. This industry just recycles staff. The same people doing the same thing just under a different logo for years. That would be fine, but we are missing risk-takers. By risk I mean, trying new stuff - new services, new marketing, new support.

Some will claim that Cloud is new, but it isn't. Hosting and the ASP (application service provider) model have been aroundfor over 10 years. Marketing just put some lipstick on that pig.

As the copper plant sunsets, CLECs and other service providers are going have to re-adjust their strategies - from relying on the ILEC network to something else. This is where Innovation and Creativity will be needed - and where me-too thinking will be a death nell. [Need help with this? Call RAD-INFO INC. at 813-963-5884 .... this is what we do for service providers - with a 13 year track record.]


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