Dash CS to Bandwidth.com

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Dash CS to Bandwidth.com

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DASH Carrier Services, a provider of E-911 and other services to the ITSP sector, was acquired by Bandwidth.com. Interestingly, Bandwidth.com used to be the provider of VoIP origination and termination services for many VoIP providers, but since gaining the Google Voice contract has lost many customers due to a lack of support. To be fair, if you have one ivory whale like GV, and get another (Verizon), the rest of the pack are just minnows. Now they will get those minnows back with the purchase of DASH.

Already my phone is ringing with questions about replacements for DASH, since providers that left BW don't want to go back.

Andy thinks this means an IPO coming for Bandwidth.com. Maybe. Or maybe they are hoping to get acquired by VZ or GOOG.

It's a smart move for BW, but it puts so many ITSP's in a bad position.
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