Some VoIP Moves

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Some VoIP Moves

Craig Walker, Grand Central's co-founder, is jumping back into the VoIP space, according to his tweet (and the TechCrunch article that had to follow said tweet).

"LogMeIn's free screen sharing and online meeting service,, just added free internet VoIP conferencing to make quick, ad-hoc collaboration even easier from virtually anywhere in the world. The new, free VoIP service provides's millions of users with high-quality Internet calling from their PCs, Macs, iPads, and iPhones. As result,'s millions of users can verbally and visually collaborate with up to 250 friends, colleagues, or customers at a moment's notice." [marketwatch] AH! More free! It's what the public craves.

Speaking of free, many of you are Skype users and like its video conferencing feature, but I think Google Hangout is better. Why? Have you ever had to walk someone through installing Skype? (Or Webex for that matter?) Googel Hangout is as easy as Google chat and can be done on the fly with video from G+. Hit me up: Peter Radizeski @ G+.

So I canceled my Webex account. Why? It only records in the webex format and, despite what the rep said on the phone, there isn't an app (that I have found) that can convert webex to mp3. To view the wrf format requires a download and install of a webex player. That doesn't work. So with G+ Hangout and, I'm out.

Counterpath's Bria is everywhere. One of my clients now offers it: By downloading the CounterPath Bria app from the Android Market, you can set up a FreedomIQ softphone for work on the go. The only thing you'll need is a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. There is also an iOS app (of course).

UPDATE on some Video Conferencing

Greg Plum is launching the channel at Good luck! Stay tuned for an interview with him this week.

VidTel has been getting plenty of noise from CRN, Andy and Larry. Why? VidTel is making it easier and cheaper to inter-mingle your video conferencing. Skype to Lifesize. "It means that Vidtel's service will work using consumer-grade video conferencing on Google Talk or Skype and high-end equipment from Polycom, LifeSize, Cisco and other video conferencing services. Since Vidtel's video conferencing rooms are based in the cloud, users can be up and running on group video calls in little time." There has been lots of noise about vieo conferencing for a while. Maybe this time it means that I do have to shower, shave and dress before getting to work, since I will be video chatting.

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