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Since some folks think I don't post any positive stuff, today's post is filled with accolades. Here are some companies that deserve a gold star.

For the sixth consecutive year VoIP Supply has been named one of the Top 100 Private Companies in Western New York. [@GarrettSmith]

Junction Network's just signed their 10,000th customer. Broadvox and Cypress merge to hit 10,000 customers. There's some magic in 10,000. It means the VoIP Industry is picking up steam, but for some it took a long time to get to 10K.

For example, Cbeyond after 1 year in business had 1000 customers in Atlanta. Now 10 years in business, Cbeyond has 52,000 small business customers in 14 markets. And M5 acquired Geckotech to combine for almost $40M in revenue.

Master Agents start taking on gear. TBI Becomes Nationwide ADTRAN VAR. Other master agents have started distributing Shore-Tel and Avaya. PAETEC bought an Avaya VAR. It's an interesting turn of events.

" today announced it has been selected to operate and support the trial fiber-to-the-home network Google is building at Stanford University. This experimental project will test new fiber construction and operation methods, while delivering full gigabit speeds to approximately 850 faculty and staff owned homes on campus." More from the press release and

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