Ignoring Reality

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Ignoring Reality

google-voice-logo.pngSo the USTelecom Association had a webinar about Google Voice and its effect on the marketplace. They mentioned that Vocaltec, Vonage, ITXC and FWD hadn't done any damage, so don't worry. The presenter went on to say that Google is a struggling giant who is envious of Skype, Twitter, Facebook and Apple. And that Google Voice is no great threat to telecom.

It may not be a great threat to the ILEC's, but it's not something you can ignore. Especially with so many articles about using Gmail for free calling! And Google wasn't a threat, why the webinar? Why is VZW using Bing for search on a couple of Droid phones? Is that why GOOG-411 made you create your own versions of free-411?

It's funny because AT&T had CallVantage which was a great service but the corporation couldn't see it. It's the same way with the ILEC's. You should find a way to compete or partner. Isn't that what you did in the dial-up days with Yahoo?

Bell Labs used to be about Innovation. But like PARC, Bell didn't want to use much that was invented. Now, ILEC's are playing catch up with me-too bundles. There are so many ways to WOW an audience. How about a click-to-call widget on the TV and website for tech support? How about tech support becomes customer care? How about FMC (I mean, use that cellular service)?

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