We Start the Year With Mergers

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We Start the Year With Mergers


Two Tampa companies merge "to create a Hybrid SuperVAR" (whatever that is). Vology acquired Bayshore Technologies. Vology is a hardware reseller. Bayshore Tech is systems integrator and will provide professional services for the combined company.

AVIS is acquiring ZipCar because (1) the economy is slowing and car-sharing seems like a bright spot, especially for the number ; and (2) Zipcar was a great entrepreneurial idea but a poor public company idea. Hertz is acquiring Dollar/Thrifty and Enterprise owns Alamo. This move will capitalize on the gradual decline of car ownership, especially in metro areas. Zipcar's technology will allow Avis to get rid of more people to be replaced by kiosks (like Alamo has). The VC's - including Steve Case's Revolution LLC which made $96M on this deal - are happy. Next up at the plate: Cars2Go, Flexcar, City Car and Car Share.

the third merger:

Imation buys storage systems provider Nexsan for $120 million. Storage is huge. Are you getting your piece of the pie by selling data storage??

HP has truly lost its way. Meg Whitman is right up there with Sprint's Hesse in CEO thinking. HP suing GM over executives that went to work at GM. Follow up litigation over R&D with this announcement: HP threatens to axe units that fail to meet targets. That will certainly motivate employees - NOT! HP used to be an innovation center. Now it just keeps throwing away assets. Poor management and an even poorer board of directors. Why isn't The Law Firm of Wohl & Fruchter looking into this level of fiduciary negligence by corporate managers?

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