The Channel Target Cycle

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The Channel Target Cycle


In 2006, the shift in targeting went from anyone to a master agent model, where smaller agents rolled up into a larger master agent. The resources were allocated to the masters (and their sub-agents).

In about 2008, the target became VARs. Agents just weren't selling any of the new carriers or new services. Agents weren't selling cloud. VARs were the answer.

That strategy wasn't working as many programs canned their VAR support people and VAR recruiting people. Well, it was a thought anyway.

Next, the chasing of the VAD, the value added distributor [Ingram Micro, Tech Data, CDW, Synnex, Jenne]. Tech Data, despite owning TD Mobility, a cellular master agency, can't seem to get behind the telecom or network, despite tries by Cbeyond, XO, Telovations and Microcorp. Lots of reasons for it.

Now, it is back to Master Agents (while also chasing VARs and VADs -- or as I like to say, anyone who will sign an agreement)..

It is seems to always be about Quantity. As if, more feet equals more sales. How is that "strategy" working out for you?

That points me to a program that has (A) No Vision; (B) No Partner Profile; (C) No Success Plan; and (D) following a model that is borrowed, failed or flawed (not one designed for success for that company, its culture and its service portfolio.

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