CloudTC and N-Able Acquired

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CloudTC and N-Able Acquired


"Australian-owned IP PBX systems company, Vixtel, has completed the acquisition of Silicon Valley based glass phone developer, CloudTC, for an undisclosed figure," according to news reports. I really liked this phone when it came out. It was ahead of the curve. CloudTC was a Startup Camp Comms candidate.

"Vixtel CEO, Terry Crews, said the acquisition would enable the company to offer Australian businesses a product that brings smartphone technology to the desktop. Crews mentioned the move is also consistent with Vixtel's strategy to own, develop and maintain all technology within its product offering." Those are some pretty strong arguments for this kind of move. How many Hosted PBX companies can say that? Just the hardware folks.

In other news, another Startup Camp Comms winner, VerbalizeIt, was on Shark Tank.

SolarWinds is acquiring N-Able for $120 million in cash. This adds RMM (remote monitoring and management) to Solar Winds catalog of IT services for the small business (sub-100 employees).

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