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4 New Items

Just back from ITEXPO in Vegas. Here are 4 news items worth noting.


Fast Company has an article about Amazon and its distribution system:

"Those 10 million Prime members (up from 5 million two years ago, according to Morningstar) are practically addicted to using Amazon. The average Prime member spends an astounding $1,224 a year on Amazon, which is $700 more than a regular user. Members' purchases and membership fees make up more than a third of Amazon's U.S. profit." [FastCompany]

Lesson 1: Make it easy to buy - make it easy to buy more. There is no sales friction at Amazon - 1-click and done. Working on a project recently, the technology itself creates a lot of friction in the sales process. Remove all friction in the sales process as well as in the description and use of the service.

Lesson 2: Reward your loyal customers! Amazon's Prime is really a Loyalty program.

"It's all content! It's just story!... They want stories! They are dying for them." - Kevin Spacey's Brilliant Speech [source] Give people what they want, they way they want to consume it. Take the friction out of the sale!!


If you remember Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, you might want to look at this Bill Wasserman cartoon. A Job Title and Salary are not the sole measure a person's worth. If your passion is your work, you never have a J-O-B!


AVer and Vidtel Announce Joint Video Conferencing Solution for Any-Size Business Delivers low-cost, high-quality cloud video conferencing in an easy-to-acquire solution. AVER's claim to fame is a really nice sub-$1000 video system. However, like a lot of tech companies, they do very little to market it.


ATT's Project VIP will bring fiber to 1 million businesses - and the plan is to sell them wireline with wireless combinations! I thought they should have been doing that a while ago. And sad to say that Sprint is actually ahead of the top 2 in M2M (machine-to-machine) wireless solutions. I guess they were too business building monopolies.

additional commentary:

If you are a VP at a company, shouldn't you be able to talk on stage for 20 minutes about your services to fill in for another VP?

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