Full Circle: Switch.co Re-Names as Dialpad

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Full Circle: Switch.co Re-Names as Dialpad

In 2001, Craig Walker was President of Dialpad. In 2005, Dialpad was acquired by Yahoo, where it went to die. Craig later founded Grand Central and sold that to Google for Google Voice. Then Craig started UberConference, Waitlist.me and Switch.co. Switch Comm. bought Dialpad from Yahoo over the weekend. Switch.co changed its name to Dialpad and released new mobile apps. "The apps include Dialpad's first true mobile VoIP integration, allowing users to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi or broadband mobile networks."

Switch/Dialpad is now nicely packaged for sale, something both Andy Abramson and Craig are good at. The product has a bunch of features that allow a buyer to check off the boxes including integration, the necessity of all VoIP platforms going forward.

Rich Tehrani has a write up about it.

Random facts:

Slack added WebRTC to allow for video and voice calls without Skype.

64% of U.S. Android smartphone owners use chat or VOIP apps [source]

RingCentral Connect Announces 1M API Request Milestone -- told you API integration is key to relevancy.

TopBox to Sell OrecX Call Recording in Partnership with its analytics software

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