Securing The Hyperconnected Enterprise

One of the greatest impacts of Hyperconnectivity is in the security area.

Multiple approaches to security enforcement should be used in different parts of the network, operating under enterprise-wide policies. This ‘layered defense’ is further bolstered by adopting an open-security philosophy that embraces a security ecosystem leveraging security leaders such as Symantec, Check Point and Sourcefire.

I recently spoke to an Israeli financial institution that was experiencing 25,000 attacks per day (not a typo!). It has adopted a layered multi-vendor approach to security, including using firewall technologies from different vendors in different parts of the network. In this way, it has eliminated single points of perimeter security failure in the network.

Layered defense in a hyperconnected networking environment must provide highly scalable capabilities, including pervasive end-point security with integration with Microsoft NAP, media security to protect critical multimedia data in transit, virtualization and accelerated perimeter security to logically separate different forms of traffic over a converged IP network, and core network security incorporating dynamic threat protection and real-time device vulnerability fingerprinting.

Security 101 says it all starts with the need to continually revisit enterprise security policies and people processes associated with them. Remember, your security decisions today are setting the foundation for security in the hyperconnected world.

When was the last time you took a critical look at your security policy?

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