WiPro-Nortel UC Helping Recruit 20,000 per Year

Quite a headline in these economic times.

In fact, WiPro received the Network World Asia IT All Stars Award 2008 for its innovative use of technology (specifically Nortel UC) to keep up with recruiting 20,000 new employees per year, this across its 55 industry-facing 'Centers of Excellence' spread across the globe.

WiPro may not be a household name to some. It's the world's largest independent R&D Services Provider with over 95000 employees serving 928 clients, including IBM, Microsoft and Hyundai.

What's the technology behind WiPro's business solution? Nortel Unified Communications based on its MCS 5100 and the Nortel IP Phone 1535, a high-resolution IP video phone (which, by the way, is unique as a desktop device having both wired and WiFi connectivity).

This innovative use of technology helps WiPro interview the right people on a face-to-face basis by simply dialing a phone number. Interview costs have dropped significantly, while the quality of the recruiting process has been maintained.

More broadly, the UC solution deployed by WiPro offers comprehensive UC functionality, delivers Nortel's level of reliability with security and performance, and integrates well with WiPro's existing systems & processes.

Congratulations to the WiPro team.

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