Nortel web.alive Makes Virtual Splash

"In the area of B2B virtual worlds ..., Nortel is the company to watch." So ends a report by Rich Tehrani. What excites Rich is a recent demo we gave him of Nortel's web.alive, a collaborative, browser-based virtual world application for enterprise use that provides an immersive, interactive and web integrated world with 3D voice and graphics.

I have covered web.alive (known as project chainsaw) in previous postings, but here I want to expand on where I see web.alive resonating with enterprises.

There are 3 areas, all of which fit with the participation culture of new millennials, whether customers or employees:

1) e-Commerce: Significant reduction in abandoned shopping carts resulting in increased sales, and higher customer satisfaction, all through a seamless migration from a company's portal into a 3D virtual store front.

2) e-Learning: Significant reduction in travel and environmental impacts through a very effective classroom and campus experience, recognizing that learning takes place as much from other students as it does from the instructor.

3) Collaboration: Improved quality and time improvement in group deliverables for planned and ad hoc interactions; ad hoc interactions particularly resonate with customers that have seen web.alive.

Stay tuned as we announce a number of trial customers in the New Year.

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