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A recent Goldman Sachs survey of IT executives found that "17% expect to support iPhone 3G in the next year".

How should we interpret this result?

It says that iPhone will join RIM and Windows Mobile for the hearts and wallets of enterprise users. If the latest iPhone meets IT security and management requirements, it surely will.

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LTE: WiMax for Incumbent Carriers

June 24, 2008 6:32 AM

You might have seen the news that Nortel was shifting more 4G wireless R&D into something called LTE- Long Term Evolution.

Up until recently, enterprises saw Nortel as championing WiMax as a "true broadband" solution for enterprise, with key technologies such as MIMO and OFDM coming from Nortel. WiMax really resonated with these customers:
- It has the right name which spells Internet economics
- It has the right name which spells IP-optimized application performance;
- It operates in both licensed and unlicensed bands;
- It was being integrated into handhelds, thanks to the likes of Intel;
- It was going to be offered soon by wireless service providers like Sprint and possibly by cablecos and new operators; and
- It brings more competition to the wireless marketplace.
Nortel is still championing WiMax as a here-and-now opportunity and has partnered with Alvarion to strengthen its position.

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Cisco Motion Sickness

June 10, 2008 7:22 AM | 2 Comments

Sorry for the word choice, but Cisco Motion vision marketing can make you dizzy;)

The marketing folks at Cisco have been busy creating a mobility vision, in response to real enterprise challenges of Hyperconnectivity. The formula is all too familiar. Identify all the right user challenges... Spin a vision story around a not-so-exciting product announcement....

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Dual-mode cell phone- without WiFi

March 17, 2008 4:29 PM

What if your cell could have two numbers: one for your business use (in fact, the same as your office number), and one for your personal use? Whenever you made a business call, the called party would see your business number or name. Whenever you are on your cell, presence would show you ‘on the phone’. If you had a smart phone with a UC client, the experience would be even richer.

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Microsoft recently showed off a touch-screen technology (using MacOS!) for mobile devices. To solve the problem of using your finger to point to what you want on a small screen, they teamed up with Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs to develop Lucid Touch, a transparent touch sensitive screen that allows the user to see what he/she is doing by pointing from behind.

Is this neat or what?! But will it fly?

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According to a new survey of 900 SMB and enterprise decision-makers in the US, France and the UK, Converged Mobility (also called Fixed Mobile Convergence or FMC) is the new service SMBs are most likely to consider from a service provider. Converged mobility is the ability to make phone calls over WiFi and cellular networks via a dual-mode phone.

There are a couple of important reasons why SMBs and enterprises are interested in Converged Mobility. One is that employees of big and small companies are increasingly mobile and want a true broadband experience for voice and data wherever they are.

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Are Cell Phones a Racket?

November 2, 2007 6:19 PM | 1 Comment

I presented at the New York City Technology Forum and sat in on Dave Pogue’s keynote. Dave is the New York Times Personal-Technology Columnist and prolific author. He obviously has a flair for acting, dramatizing his technology insights, including ‘cell phones are a racket. You have to bet on how many minutes you are going to use, and if you guess too low you are … and if you guess too high, you are ….”.

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