Lenovo and Nortel Innovate in Ecommerce

The Lenovo "eLounge" virtual store is being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week at the Venetian Hotel's AquaKnox.

But most of us business folks don't get to go to CES, so check out Lenovo's eLounge virtual store yourself.

lenovo elounge photo2.jpg

As Ajit Sivadasan, VP Global eCommerce, Lenovo, one of the largest PC manufacturers and a ecommerce pioneer says: "Nortel's web.alive technology could help provide a potential next step in improving the online shopping experience for Lenovo's customers by allowing them to take a virtual tour of our online store, including browsing through Lenovo products, talk with our staff, look at video clips and meet other shoppers in an immersive 3D environment."

Imagine buying your next PC on-line and inviting your techie friends (wherever they are) to the eLounge virtual store to help you get the machine that best fits your needs and budget.

I've talked about web.alive before. It is a collaborative, browser-based virtual world application for enterprise use that provides an immersive, interactive and web integrated world with 3D voice and graphics. Web.alive facilitates customer interactions over the web in real time.

It won't stop there, we are also engaging customer in using web.alive to bring new dimensions to business collaboration and virtual training.

Innovation lives at Nortel, revolutionizing the communications experience not only for your customers, but also for your business at large.

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