Eye Pods- a banned substance at future political debates?

Someday, your neighborhood politician will walk up to, and even though you've never met, will greet you by name. Someday, politicians running for office and heading into debates, may be tested for this 'banned substance'.

Researchers at the University of Washington and Sandia National Laboratories have developed the latest in heads-up displays, combining a flexible, biologically safe contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights! So far only tested on rabbits, but future versions may have integrated 2-way wireless, and solar cells for power. Ever focused on something up close- no problem, micro-lenses will make it appear further.


You could link to face recognition software and have a name display appear before your very eyes when you walk up to someone. Opportunities galore- you could say "the eyes the limit".

I haven't heard anyone talk about incorporating a touch sensitive display so that you can interact with it!

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The Current product being marketed under that name,
The EyePOD (http://eyepodeyesaver.com) would be able to help you wear that contact with ease, removing the need to use your finger to put the contact in is an amazing advance in technology. fit to be combined with this also amazing computerized contact lens

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