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LinkedIn Groups

I don't know how many of you use LinkedIn, but they have groups you can join. I have not yet figured out a use for the groups other than you can contact other members of the group easily. There are now 5 telecom groups (that I know of):

  1. CrossConnects: Telecom Sales Professionals Group
  2. Telecom Agents
  3. Telecom Business Daily
  4. Telecommunications Professionals Network
  5. iTelco

All have the same members MOL. My guess is that so many folks are still trying to figure out how to monetize LI and Facebook. It isn't about getting sales. It is about GIVING. Give referrals. Share knowledge. You have to give before you get. The more you give, the more you get but that doesn't mean you get want you want, but you might get what you need.

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Feedback for LinkedIn Groups


I am the Group Manager of CrossConnects on LinkedIn.

Here is the skinny.

CrossConnects was started just two months ago and is now one of the fastest growing business networks in all of LinkedIn. We are now over 1,700 members and have just launched companion groups for Latin America, East and south Asia and Europe.

The Group is dedicated to connecting people who sell and market Telecommunications Services and Telephony Products to the business enduser. We are focused on organic growth and networking as a means of creating both business opportunity and professional development for everyone involved As such, we have an open enrollment policy to facilitate growth in breath and depth of our community on a global basis.
The idea is actually very simple. We have indentified five groups of people all marketing to mid-market Telecom Managers. While some members directly compete within their group, leveraging relationships with salespeople in the other groups is a way to drive more referral business and gain both visibility and opportunity in the local marketplace.
The groups include Telephony Hardware and Software reps. Cabling and Maintenance shops, Carrier sales reps, Resellers, various Telecom Consultants and Telecom Expense Management providers. If you belong to any of these groups you are welcome to join.

We do have a goal of moving to our own website as a means of broadening the networking capabily.

If we choose to monetize the concept it would likely be in the area of job postings rather than a fee to subscribe. but that is a ways off.

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