Broadband Corruption?

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Broadband Corruption? has an editorial titled, U.S. Broadband Cannot Be Fixed Until You Tackle Corruption. It seems that the new group, Internet for Everyone, has upset Karl. Karl is right in a way. There have been numerous groups over the years, including COMPTEL and its prior siblings, that have tried to get grass-roots support for a change at the FCC and in DC. Karl thinks that I4E should take "a strong stance on the real reasons broadband competition in this country is stagnant:

  1. government corruption
  2. an un-skeptical media
  3. the incumbent stranglehold on policymakers
  4. the massive web of disinformation created by lobbyists, and
  5. the complete bi-partisan failure in government leadership.

I agree these are the underlying issues, these are also the underlying reasons that we are in the economic and global mess that we are in. Special interests (usually multi-nationals led by their lobbyists and their millions) have destroyed any chance that this country has. MNC don't want an unlimited information pipe (the Internet). It undermines their profits and causes them to spend more in campaigns, advertising, and lobbyists. We need to TACKLE THE CORRUPTION! "Every effort should be made to purge the incumbent lobbyist stranglehold on this nation's policy makers. Until you do this, you will fix nothing."

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