A Secret to Hosted PBX

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A Secret to Hosted PBX

While speaking with the CEO of FreedomVOICE this week, we were discussing how important it was to keep it simple. KISS is a great concept because complex installs means too many things can go wrong.

This week Polycom announced that they had certified FreedomVOICE as a reseller. That's one way FreedomVOICE keeps it simple: standard on one quality phone that is becoming industry standard. (I still give big props to Aastra's phone). FV also tells the customer to get Linksys QOS routers (like the WRT54G) because they are familiar, easy, available, and inexpensive but still support VPN and QOS.

Hosted PBX is not a quick sale. It is a solution sale since it is not POTS replacement. You are selling it on mobility, productivity, and TCO (total cost of ownership). It is far easier for small business to use Hosted PBX than to buy and maintain a key system or smaller IP-PBX. And FreedomVOICE is a feature rich system that is affordably priced for the small business (2 to 25 seats). FreedomVOICE has a webinar coming up with TMC in Sept. and a tele-seminar with RAD-INFO - How to SELLECOM Hosted PBX - on August 29 at Noon Eastern.

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