Metaswitch not a Coppercom

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Metaswitch not a Coppercom

Metaswitch landed a big gear sale to Embarq. In doing so, it avoids going the way of the CopperCom. You need a big carrier to be a vested customer so that you can sustain the R&D and tech support departments.

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MetaSwitch is not like CopperComm in the least: no crazy expensive copper-clad offices or overpaid engineers who do not deliver on the many promises of unscrupulous sales pukes. Their press-releases claim less than 1000 switches deployed (so far). With over 30,000 switches in the LERG, I think they have more than enough opportunity just here in the US without having to be a slave to the big guys. Good for Embarq - maybe it will modernize their network and they can provide better (and more competitive service) to me. I dropped them and went with Vonage long ago, but now am rethinking this decision...

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