Fake FCC Sites

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Fake FCC Sites

Bad enough the FCC makes bonehead decisions, but now you have to worry that you may be getting a fake site set up by phishers. (Maybe they would do a better job ?)

Dear Members: As I am sure you are aware, FY 2008 Regulatory Fees must be paid to the FCC no later than September 25, 2008. Coincidentally, someone has set up 2 fake FCC websites to intercept financial data from companies paying FCC fees.

I want to add that the FCC form 477 for Broadband counst is due, um, today.

The law firm below has discovered two fake FCC websites floating around for annual payments - trying to intercept company info. ... Not sure how the scam works but it probably is a good reminder below to always go right to fcc.gov and not follow links that come in emails from other sources.
"When paying fees, always start by manually typing www.fcc.gov into the browser address window. (Once there. click on "FY 2008 REGULATORY FEES" at the top of the page.) DO NOT go to the FCC website by following other people's links.

Thanks to Ron at VOX, COMPTEL, XO and FHHLaw.com

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