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Jazinga launched its entry into the SMB PBX space after winning the Best of Show Award at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO.  Jazinga's box is about the size of a D-Link router, but is more that a wireless access point and QOS router. It is a full fledged, SIP-capable  IP-PBX that can use IP Phones or Plain old RJ11 phones. (You know those ugly ones on your desk now).

One big selling point is the easy configuration, which comes from a consumer focus that means you don't need an IT gal or a PBX guy to set it up or manage it. Jazinga claims that the DIY set-up time is about 10 minutes after you plug your IP or PSTN phones in.

It's a space-saver too. Router and wireless access point rolled into the PBX. (The router even prioritizes voice traffic).  Other features include an auto-attendant, voice mail, conferencing, call forwarding, on-hold music - all for 20 or less users. The Jazinga system is available directly from the company and its channel partners for a $1,095.

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