Yammering about Tweet

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Yammering about Tweet

I don't get the whole Twitter thing. Maybe its the folks I am connected to. Most just puke all day. By puke, I mean they just spray out stuff that is usually inconsequential. And most of the time when you reply to someone on twitter, nothing happens. (Again ot could just be my flock of followers). The most use I get from twitter is weather updates from 2 sources (especially living in Florida on the Gulf Coast).  One thing that I may try is Tweetburner to see who actually reads my twits. Instead of tinyurl, you use tweetburner to create a shortened link and tweetburner tracks the click-throughs.

At TechCrunch50, Yammer was demo-ed. Yammer is Twitter for the Enterprise, I guess like Jabber is for IM.

If you are like me, maybe you need 100 Twittin' Secrets. If you have no idea what this post was about, either head over to Slideshare.net and search for twitter or email me for Brenda Young's excellent PowerPoint on Twitter for Beginners that she has been presenting at workshops for AMA - Tampa Bay's New Media SIG.

UPDATE: Christine has a little more on Yammer from TC50.

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