Is Nuvox Buying One?

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Is Nuvox Buying One?

Nuvox is out kicking tires to see who they can buy. Rumor has it that Greenville-based Nuvox is looking to buy One Communications in the Northeast to expand their footprint, especially their MPLS reach. (I didn't know Nuvox sold MPLS. I thought they were just a cheap Integrated T1 supplier).

Rumor also has it that One Comm. is having problems. Provisioning being one of them, which usually leads to sales declining. Customers don't like install issues and neither do agents, since it costs them time - time they need to be out selling to make up for the shrinking commissions. (The shrinking commissions correlate to the shrinking prices).

Nuvox is coming off its merger with FDN last year that created a good amount of internal strife as former Nuvox folks didn't relate well to FDN people. Maybe that has been straightened out. Here's hoping another merger will have better integration.

UPDATE: In another rumor, it's Nuvox will get bought by XO to increase its VoIP customer base. (And because privately held Nuvox has debt coming due end of 2008).

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