Delisting Notices to Vonage, Circuit City

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Delisting Notices to Vonage, Circuit City

Neither campaign is discussing how important technology is to the US economy. Two companies received delisting notices from the stock exchange. The NYSE sent Vonage notice. That should be a fun discussion at the shareholder meeting today. Vonage also has a refinancing deal on the table. It should be an interesting week for Vonage.

Circuit City was given its stock warning notice on Oct. 24. WIth only 10 days to fix it, CC better move fast. It announced that it is closing 155 stores - as we hit the holiday shopping season.

It seems that it is always about cost cutting. Layoffs. Closings. It should have been about efficiencies, connecting with customers, profits, and rewards.

When you have an economy powered by tax rebates that are used to fund toy purchases, it eventually catches up with you.

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Does anyone remember that Circuit City, just a few years ago, was the best performing company in Jim Collins' book "Good to Great"? Obviously, Mr. Collins' approach to management is worth some reconsideration given the fall of Circuit City. It would seem a new approach to management would be worth considering. Read more at

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