It's Going to be Limiting

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It's Going to be Limiting

AT&T is testing broadband caps in Nevada. First, cable now Ma Bell. In both cases, the reason may have to do preserving TV revenue than anything. There is concern. It even popped up as a LinkedIn question.

DSL Prime is outraged over the cap and has a different view of what it means. (See here)

This is just further proof that duopoly competition doesn't work. The TIA is begging Congress for a Broadband Stimulus bill that they say will generate $1B in economic growth. Meanwhile, WISPA lobbied for a license-lite proposal for the "white spaces" spectrum, which was granted. WISPA members (mainly wireless ISPs) wouldn't mind some largesse from the government either to build out more towers and wireless links to actually bring broadband to places without it (you know, crossing the Digital Divide) -- or to offer a third pipe. (The Clearwire-Sprint-Nextel merger was approved today as well, but that company is funded to the tune of billions. Give th

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