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By accident, I ran across JobVent today. On first examination, it's just one more Web 2.0 forum for employees to complain about their bosses. AT&T has 5 companies - 4 are rated as bad. Cbeyond and XO are on there. Verizon is on there with 6 listings - VZW gets good marks. How is your company doing?

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Feedback for JobVent


JobVent ( is nothing but a scam. The company is a bottom feeder, capitalizing on feedback from disgruntled employees to contact Companies and sell them "business development" opportunities (!!) They have an in-house legal counsel whose full-time job is to run interference with companies suing them and posters for libelous remarks on their website; and they have Business Development specialists who contact employers who receive negative reviews to sell them packages. Shades of the Mafia tactics of Yelp?? You bet! Like Yelp, they move positive and negative reviews to suit thier objectives.

I vote for this and its sister site Glassdoor (which they also own) as the worst start-ups of the decade! No positive value added being created by these businesses. Who would want to work here at all??

I agree, as I am personaly being slandered on this site and I was just an employee of the company. I am know searching for the owner of this company.

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