A Different Take on Conferencing

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A Different Take on Conferencing

What if you mixed WYDE Voice HD-Audio, BrainShark, Dropbox with GoToMeeting? Well, then you would have StartMeeting.com. StartMeeting.com offers audio and web conferencing with screen sharing, meeting recording and online meeting wall.

The HD Audio is via VoIP on the platform, but people can use a plain old telephone to dial-in. Those folks aren't living in HD.

Each company gets a "Wall", which is like a customizable billboard. The Wall allows for links and files for people to download, like a sales brochure, all the time.


StartMeeting is beginning a soft roll-out of its new free cloud-based online presentation service called StartMeeting Studio. Like BrainShark or Jing, Studio allows users to create an Audio/Visual presentation without having to host a conference call or online meeting -- and then share the presentation anytime, anyplace (including social media).

These are great sales tools for a small business. At least, 5000 people think so, since that is how many created accounts in a week.

Right now the meeting is recorded in flv and the audio only is recorded in mp3, which immediately makes it better than many others. You can share recordings via email, facebook, twitter and G+.

Agents can sell via promo codes that are traceable - even to track customer upgrades and sub-agents.

StartMeeting, which is a sister company of FreeConferenceCall.com, is offering customers the audio and web service for significantly less than similar services. Prices for screen sharing start at $19.95 per month for a 50 participant capacity compared to $49 for 15 participants at GoToMeeting.

While price is a factor, the really easy to use interface is the reason to convert.

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