20 Sites for Job Seekers

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20 Sites for Job Seekers

This may be off-topic but with the number of folks that are getting the pink slip, I figured I would list a bunch of sites for job seekers.
Then there are Web 2.0 sites that Venture Beat and Fast Company wrote about that are turning the job search around (maybe): Be aware that some folks don't think much of these sites.  And I am sure that there are more places to look, but I figured this would give you a start.

While job hunting, don't forget to keep networking and keep your hand in things either by donating your time to a non-profit or grabbing some projects or contract work.  (Look here for project or contract work:  Guru.com, rent-a-coder, eLance, DoMyStuff, Agents of Value, AssistU, iFreelance)

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http://www.jobbankinfo.org/ will help you find local Job Bank resources. It looks like the national program run by the Department of Labor has shut down.

For Federal government jobs, though, there is http://www.usajobs.gov/

You should try http://www.jobijoba.com for a jobsearch in France. How nice is that ?

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