Crowded and Confused Markets

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Crowded and Confused Markets

Telecom has some of the most crowded and confused markets. Dial-Up, broadband, cellular, VoIP, POTS. T1 - all kind of flat. Not a lot of Differentiation. It's filled with "I'll save you 10%". The battle cry of the telecom sales dude. It's no wonder there are price wars -- what else do you have to go on?

Now, there is another battle field. A subset of VoIP. The mobile VoIP app. (Like SO many folks want to use VoIP on their cell phone.)  i2, Raketu, Vyke, Skype,  iSkoot, Nimbuzz, mig33, Truphone and so many more. In fact, so many, I can't keep track. EQO just died. And Fring is laying off 20% of its staff. TalkPlus died. Tpad (who?) and Nimbuzz just hooked up.  VOX hooked up with UTGI for mobile VoIP.

Can they all survive?  What size do they need to reach? Is it a matter of users like Skype (or mig33 with 9M users)? Or today is monetization important?

Even in VoIP, is 900 customers and 28,365 seats significant?

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