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Why tidbits?  There is just SOOO much going on right now that I can not keep up.

You probably read about all the telecom layoffs, right? Especially the 12,000 that AT&T let go. But PAETEC and Level3 also had layoffs of 222 and 450 respectively.  Some of the cuts came from the Indirect channel. Most noteworthy is that Level3 hired a new COO, which kind of confirms the story that Neil Hobbs was let go. Neil was EVP of Operations.

There was a blunder in the WSJ about Google and Net Neutrality. When I get time, I will elaborate, but a content provider using its own CDN is different than AT&T and VZB - network owners - create there very own CDN's.

Aastra is in Tampa this week for an executive meeting as they roll out a new line of phones: the 9143i! Can't wait!

I was a panelist on Geekazine on Ustream.tv on Monday night at 7 PM Eastern (12/15/08) to discuss tech news like Google and Net Neutrality, the new Palm OS, and blunders in IT asset security.

This website is now on ALLTOP!  

Are your deals feeling the heat of the credit crunch?  Let me know email me at rad_info2003 at yahoo.

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There is no doubt that these were some of the first layoffs that will run well into 2010. Now I begin to ask myself, exactly when are we supposed to see the economy go back up. I know everyone has experienced first hand the dire effects of the economic situation.

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