Top 5 Ways to Improve Agent Training

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Agent Training

Agents are paddling like a duck in a pond to stay afloat. Always have been, but moreso now.  Many companies are wondering how to get Agents to sell their services. (I get this daily). Here's some thoughts:

Agents spends all day just running their business and keeping customers happy. To add another vendor and/or service, the agent has to take time to learn it and  evaluate it. Then figure out where that service and vendor fits into his portfolio.

A carrier doesn't realize how much they are asking of the Agent.  Time is money and a lot more. To maximize the time and effectiveness, vendors should look at the top 5 ways to improve agent training.
  1. Have good training available online as video and as a podcast. (As a downloadable MP3, agents can learn while traveling).
  2. Create a Clear, Concise message. Most don't have this. A good Positioning statement, USP, or why choose Carrier A over B.
  3. Case studies by verticals helps agents figure out where the service fits.
  4. ROI and TCO calculations help sell the service.
  5. Specific sales examples, like Agent X sold Service Y to Client CDE because CDE needed Z.  (What was the sales trigger?)
Make it clear, concise, and memorable.  Case studies and sales triggers are like story-telling, which is the most viral way to get your message across.

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