VAR's Optimistic

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VAR's Optimistic

"Nearly one-third of VARs (value added resellers like Cisco certified IT shops) are planning to grow their businesses in excess of 15 percent in 2009", according to CRN.

The most interesting quote was not about the importance of Managing Cash Flow or How Goal # 1 is Finding new busines, it was this quote:

"When we asked them to rank what is most critical, they said "finding new business." Note the word "finding" because these are not organizations waiting around for Microsoft or HP to send them sales leads. Growth-oriented VARs in a down economy go out and find new customers."

Good agencies have a Lead Generation system in place. But one thing Agents ask for from their vendors (carriers) is Lead Gen.

The other point was keeping "up with changing technologies. With growth VARs, this doesn't mean perusing a vendor's latest offering -- it means they are in front of customers with Oracle's new $750 express database application before the local rep checks in to see if the marketing materials have arrived."

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